Let’s Talk Loyalty is the world’s first industry podcast exclusively focused on loyalty marketing. The show was created for professionals, who specialise in creating, running and optimising marketing programmes that drive customer loyalty.

Lets Talk Loyalty - Elliott

Let's Talk Loyalty with Elliott Clayton

Hear about some huge changes that are unfolding in the world of digital media and how, and when they are likely to affect loyalty programme owners.




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Let's Talk Loyalty with Tamara & Julie

Learn about the consumers changing perception of value and how brands are re-inventing their loyalty programmes in response.




Lets Talk Loyalty - Mitch

Let's Talk Loyalty with Mitch Kennedy

In this episode, Mitch speaks about Dell's loyalty programme, with a particular focus on the exciting things they have done through gamification.



Lets Talk Loyalty - Joseph

Let's Talk Loyalty with Joseph Taylor

In this podcast, Joseph talks about the changes, challenges and opportunities for Loyalty programmes today.



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