We create and strengthen the connections that bond people to brands.

First, we figure out who you need to talk to. We learn who they are and how they think, so that when you have something to say, they’ll listen.

Next, we develop targeted messages they can relate to. We send them using the most relevant media to reach people in the right mindset and moment, so they’ll be more likely to buy.

Once they’ve become your customers, we’ll turn them into your most loyal fans. We fuse data, insights, technology and creativity to make sure you’re always reaching them with the right message, when they’ll be ready to hear it. We’ll help them engage fully with your brand, so that great results are also sustainable results.

Epsilon is an all encompassing marketing partner for your brand. We’re so much more than a marketing agency.

We start by accessing demographic, behavioural and transactional data to get the fullest picture of your ideal customers. Then we come up with the best ways of reaching them.

Next, we use technology to capture, cleanse and consolidate all your information. Then we use it to connect with the right person, at the right time.

Finally, we use powerful creative messages to engage people with your brand online and offline. To ensure that you get the best results from your marketing, we continually review and refine our approach based on response.

Many brands use many marketing agencies. But when you have a partner that can do everything it takes to grow your brand, you’ll find that one is all you need. And that one is Epsilon.