Abacus™ Cooperative transactional data

We provide unique customer insights, which will enrich your own customer information and enable you to reach new customers through traditional and online channels.

Abacus™ Cooperative

Abacus™ is a transactional data cooperative that allows its clients to benefit from a wealth of compliant customer information.

There are millions of new transactions made by US, UK and Canadian consumers every week. We take this transactional data and use the latest analytics in practice to scrutinize consumer and business transactions, assess what purchases people are making and where and how they are making them. The result of this process is the single biggest source of profitable new customers whose loyalty we win over time.

With an abundance of businesses placing their trust in us when it comes to evaluating their transactional data, we in turn supply them with access to the invaluable information from Abacus Cooperative, meaning their businesses will be on the rise, fully informed and a step ahead of the rest.

Our marketing data services: