Digital messaging: Email, mobile & social

Agility Harmony helps you engage your customers using the right channels.

Harmony is a lot more than an email marketing solution – it’s the complete digital marketing solution. The features Agility Harmony brings allow you to monitor and change email, social and mobile campaigns in real time.

Digital Messaging

Harmony gives you the ability to target your customers with highly personalised messaging. Messaging that’s delivered through the most effective channels for your business – email, mobile, social, online and offline.

Use Harmony’s suite of tools to support digital marketing activities, and engage the “always-on” mobile consumer of today more effectively. You can draw on data from almost any place and time to develop a more profitable relationship with your customers.

We designed Agility Harmony to be adaptable to the quick pace of change in the digital world, while also having scope to develop as your business does. With Agility harmony, you’ll be prepared for whatever happens in the future.

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