Display targeting

We help brands identify and reach
qualified audiences, driving them to
engage and spend.


Epsilon’s data is pivotal for creating the initial behavioral targeting campaigns for digital display advertising that go on to inform retargeting campaigns.

Identifying who your online audience is imperative to the success of your brand, and we help you do that with reliable data and in-depth insights. We ensure your brand stays engaged with its audience throughout the customer lifecycle, and by utilising the best contextual and behavioural targeting technology, we can connect with high-value audiences who are the most likely to convert.

Our vast experience in the usage of online space means we’ll tell you how to apply data to better understand and connect with your customers on an individual level and how best to quantify results. We can communicate your message directly in front of your audience and gauge the impact on offline and online channels.

We can help our clients brands grow and build meaningful relationships through our targeting and retargeting in display, mobile and social.

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