Marketing automation

Epsilon – a complete, integrated solution for all your marketing efforts.

Imagine a comprehensive, unified solution for your marketing. A solution combining analytics, targeting, media optimization, social marketing, cross-channel campaign management, and web experience management.

Get the marketing automation tools you need to effectively understand and communicate with your customers, with our suite of strategy, creative and technology solutions, including implementing and maintaining the full suite of Adobe Marketing Cloud offerings.

Epsilon organises and integrates customer information. Then we use this transaction-rich data to help you forge a profitable connection with your customers.

Marketing Automation

You can enjoy greater effectiveness in targeting marketing materials and ads using marketing automation, as you can reach customers who are most likely to be interested in your offering.

Great automation begins with great data

The best tools in the world aren’t able to support great marketing without a solid foundation of data to build from.

Central to what we do is helping our clients to capture, cleanse and enhance their data. This allows them to build sharper insights and better brand experiences for their customers across all channels.

We put information and insights together, then use the results in real time to generate a highly detailed marketing master file for your customers – a 360 degree view that can then be queried or segmented in the ways you need.

Then we use our powerful automated tools on that data to help you connect with your customers, and deliver the right messages in the key moments, on a wide scale.

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