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natures way

Strategic segmentation and messaging help launch new Nature’s Way product into a top slot at Walmart

The story

As Nature’s Way prepared to launch Fortify, their new probiotic product, they looked to Epsilon for segmentation and messaging that would grow awareness, elevate the Fortify brand in Walmart stores and build market share.


Epsilon sent a Shopper’s Voice® survey to 50,000 consumers to develop a user profile and identify the product features that are most important to customers. Utilizing survey results and Epsilon data assets, we identified three unique segment opportunities. We then created an email and target display campaign with a tailored message and contact strategy for each of the three groups.


  • Product launch campaign

Services and Products

  • Consumer data
  • Segmentation
  • Message and contact strategy
  • Email and display campaign


  • Consumer packaged goods
The solution
natures way

The results

Less than three months after launch, Fortify achieved a 2% share and ranked #13 among all probiotic brands offered at Walmart. Performance was so strong, Walmart has increased Fortify’s store count by 400.   


“Epsilon’s data is a very powerful tool. It helped us to craft a tight message that resonated with our target customers.”

— Dustin Borneman, Senior Marketing Manager, Nature’s Way

natures way

brand at Walmart

Fortify ranked #13 among all probiotic brands at Walmart after less than three months in stores.

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