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Abacus Cooperative data helps System Pavers® improve prospecting and drive profit gains

The story

System Pavers, a leader in outdoor living products and services, was looking to boost its bottom line with more effective prospecting.

The company turned to Epsilon’s Abacus Cooperative for transactional data that would allow them to identify consumers spending heavily in the relevant home improvement areas and target high-value prospects for their mailings.


  • Prospecting improvement

Services and Products

  • Abacus Cooperative transactional data


  • Home improvement
The solution
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The results

Using Abacus Cooperative data, System Pavers was able to identify the best prospects, increase their mailing volume to quality targets by 63% and achieve a 26% uplift in response rate. With these improvements, an average order value of $15K drove the profit gains they were looking for.

In addition, because Abacus houses more purchase information than any other source, System Pavers didn’t need multiple data partners. The resulting cost savings was a bonus boost to their bottom line.


“Incorporating targeted transactional data into our marketing programs has helped take our business to the next level.”

— Tara Reiter, Marketing Manager, System Pavers

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