Agility Connect

agility connect
Recognize your customers across all channels and devices so you can use every brand interaction to grow stronger relationships.

“Extensive proprietary consumer data and high reach and match rate accuracy are attractive to marketers invested in paid media for both branding and performance.”

— Gartner Magic Quadrant of Digital Marketing Hubs (January 5, 2016)

Our next-generation recognition and customer data integration (CDI) platform makes it possible for you to leverage identification data of virtually any type, from anywhere, at any time to connect with customers.

Proven in over 100 client implementations, Agility Connect is a core component of nearly every Epsilon solution. A unique hygiene process matches your customer data against our industry-leading reference data, and a rules-based engine intelligently incorporates both physical and digital address information, as well as virtually all other types of identification data to ensure accuracy. Agility Connect also recognizes and groups customers sharing common contact details, providing another level of insight.

Never miss an opportunity to deliver personalized experiences and strengthen your customer bonds.

As your customers move through their day, and from one device to another, be sure you recognize them, whenever and wherever they turn up. That’s fundamental to your digital marketing success — and easy with Agility Connect.

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