Deploy videos that combine standout creative with relevant content to meet your marketing objectives.

Cabela’s interactive pre-roll video ads viewed to completion by 80% of viewers.

Deliver personalized experiences

Create unique videos, tailored to your target consumers, and deliver them across devices and channels at the optimal moments. Our data covers each consumer’s gender, spending power and other differentiators, and factors in regional differences such as climate, attitude and languages. Our extensive research around creative drivers within video ads helps us deliver the most satisfying experiences for viewers and the highest returns for you.

Bring your video campaigns into the spotlight

Align with countless online and offline marketing opportunities, including sporting and entertainment events, and big shopping days, from Black Friday to back-to-school. Grab market share by running videos against your competitions’ content, and get recommendations for generating even more attention. When you run a video campaign with us, you see exactly which videos your ad ran against and how yours performed in comparison to the competition.

Complement your TV buys with digital video

Replicate your TV schedule across digital channels. Engage unexposed TV audiences and occasional viewers, or re-engage exposed audiences for greater impact and share of voice. Even in TV-lockout programming, we’ll help you get additional presence. Our targeting is the most precise in the industry, with robust profiles built from online and offline data, and contextually measured viewership. We’re uniquely able to validate and guarantee audiences and build custom channels that match your objectives.

Put your videos on mobile screens everywhere

Deliver high-quality video campaigns to smartphones and tablets, with unparalleled value and efficiency. Consumers often log in to the same services across multiple devices, which can lead to duplicated reach. We can help you avoid duplication and connect with more consumers than our competitors because our matching happens at the person level, not the device or cookie level. We’re integrated with over 20,000 Android and iOS apps. We refresh profiles in real time, even after cookie deletion, and we continuously correlate data across channels and devices.


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