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Epsilon is the industry's leading marketing services firm, with a broad array of data-driven, multichannel marketing solutions that leverage consumer insight to help brands deepen their relationships with customers. Services include strategic consulting, acquisition and customer database technologies, loyalty management, proprietary data, predictive modeling and a full range of direct and digital agency services, including creative, interactive web design, email deployment, search engine optimization and direct mail production.
Image of a tennis player after winning a point

5 top tips to get more from your brand’s sports sponsorships

There’s no arguing about the fact that there’s huge value in sponsoring sports. Whether it’s the estimated $10 million average annual sales uplift endorsements contribute or the 4.7 billion sets of eyeballs glued to the television coverage of the Barclays Premier League*, the numbers are huge. But throwing money at sports isn’t a universal panacea […]

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