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6 direct mail stats that can’t be ignored

Direct mail marketers have spent the past few years defending the channel. While sceptics and media alike proclaim the marketing medium is dead, direct mail continues to be widely used and produces notable ROI. Many naysayers don’t realise how direct mail has evolved. In a recent Target Marketing Magazine article I explained how offline technologies […]

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4 components to personalised customer experiences

From working with marketers across multiple industries, I often hear, “Well, I know my customer’s preferences in the mobile channel.” But what does this mean for email, social, off-line, etc.? Marketers need to shift their mind-sets from treating customers as if they have ‘separate channel personalities,’ to offering personalised, individual experiences, no matter what the […]

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4 tips to infuse your catalogue with experience and innovation

Print is the question: “To be or not to be?” Answer: To be Within the world of marketing that we operate in it’s interesting how the fundamental concepts remain the same, regardless of the digital transformation that we’re experiencing. Yes, the digital aspect of marketing is fundamental to your programme strategy; however, it cannot be […]

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