At a glance

With precise targeting and clever creative, Jaguar can enjoy their customers’ loyalty long after they’ve left the showroom.

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Advertising project 

The brief

Jaguar owners can often be tempted by offers from local garages, which leads them away from the official Jaguar service centres who are the experts in servicing their vehicles. They were looking for a way to bring them back, and share the benefits of using an official service centre, so we developed an appealing customer loyalty campaign.

The solution

Our "Alive" advert saw us filming a real life Jaguar to illustrate the message behind the campaign – that only Jaguar’s Master Technicians have the skills and the knowhow to service Jaguars. They live and breathe your Jaguar.

The results

By meticulously marketing to Jaguar owners and enthusiasts, Alive was viewed by more than 36,000 of the people it needed to speak to. It won a Kinsale Shark Award for Best Use of Music and Design.