At a glance

We built brand awareness for McGargles with an exciting, engaging, and totally interactive social campaign.

Image of the McGargles Logo



Digital design, social media advertising, experiential advertising.


Advertising project 

The brief

Craft beers have a tendency to be quite serious. McGargles breaks the mould in that sense, and this campaign wanted to push things even further while standing out from the crowd.

The solution

McGargles is very irreverent and playful as it is, and our Lost McGargle campaign showed people their fun side with a selfie competition which saw consumers interacting with the brand in a really tangible way. This built good will around the brand and made it visible to a new audience.

The results

The campaign was a resounding success, and gained new fans for the brand. Within the first month of the campaign there was a 676% increase in Facebook followers for McGargles, with a 57% increase in engagement and a 235% increase in impressions.

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