Make your sports marketing crowd-rousing with Epsilon

Your challenge

What are your goals as a sports organisation? Are you struggling to find new fans, and looking to grow your base? If you’re a larger club, you’ll want to build on the opportunities that full stadia bring. Is your main objective to drive participation and increase sales? Perhaps your target is growing and exporting your brand. Whatever the nature of the challenge, the solution always starts with a full understanding of your audience. And that’s where Epsilon comes in.

Our solution

We can monetise your fan base in four key ways:

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Finding anonymous fans

We can help you grow your fan base, participants and ticketing audience. We work with high profile sports brands, using our proprietary data and media reach to discover new audiences.

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Data-driven activation

Make the most of the insights you have on your base. Find out who your ‘real’ audience is, what they care about, and maximize the opportunities you have to activate them.

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Maximising commercial revenue

We’ll help you develop commercial opportunities, packages that drive revenue, and land better commercial deals. It’s all possible with a deep understanding of your fan base.

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Powerful technology

You need an easier way to manage ‘big data’ and get a true view of each of your fans. Our proprietary technology fuels the database solutions and tools that make this possible.

Our team

But our solutions are not just about technology, they’re also about people. Our focused, nimble team based in Soho Square, London works on both a global scale and a local level. They’ll get to the heart of your challenge, understanding exactly what makes your fans tick. Our team will help you pounce on new opportunities, monetise your fan base, and create new revenue streams.

Our products

18 million UK households in our proprietary database

This database cooperative provides information on transactions for over half of the adult population of the UK. Discover how, where and why people are spending, so you can connect on a deeper level.

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90% reach of all UK
online traffic

This digital media platform allows you to benefit from 36 million UK profiles and 200 points of data. Use this tool to target potential followers based on their location and interests.

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Create engaging conversations across all channels

Our omnichannel digital messaging platform allows effective communications across email, SMS, mobile push and more. Speak to your fan base in a targeted, personalised way.

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