2018 – What a year?

The implementation of GDPR saw brands and businesses work double time to send push emails and pop-up notifications, to ensure that they could continue to mine our data. Zuckerberg and co. proved to be an even bigger threat to competitors with the launch of IGTV, though suffered a hit themselves following the departure of their […]

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The Weekly Round-Up: 2.11.18

In this week’s Round-Up, we’re putting GDPR compliance under the microscope and asking the question – why are all AI Assistants female? The future is female   Once, the notion of hoverboards and hi-tech eyewear were merely a plotline in the Back to the Future sequel. Now, these items are part of everyday life, existing […]

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The future of video is nigh: Can shoppable video bring brands closer to their audiences?

The growth of video consumption is staggering. Digital video viewership worldwide has been increasing steadily since 2013, and it’s expected to constitute more than 80% of all internet traffic by 2020. While this means great things for lovers of cat videos it also means exciting things for brands and their customers. Taking notice of the growing trend, brands […]

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