Image of text saying 3 killer moves that’ll put you ahead in the Internet of Things

3 killer moves that’ll put you ahead in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things became a trending buzz word a couple of years back, with everyone very excited about the possibilities for a hyper-connected world. Exhibitions sprung up featuring futuristic looking gadgets that enabled the user to turn on their lights or heating from their phone, whilst still in their car park at work. But […]

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The rise of Big Data – Mad Men or Math Men?

While the focus was traditionally on creative, we are now witnessing a dramatic switch to a focus on the numbers. The Mad Men of agencies past have become ‘Math’s Men’. The term ‘Math’s Men’ is a term used frequently, and whoever first used the term has hit the nail on the head. Having recently finished watching ‘Mad Men’ (a bit late I […]

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The Power of Prediction with Data

Data is an incredibly powerful tool for helping brands and businesses to get a clearer picture of their customers. By understanding the numbers behind their audience, they can communicate with them in a more timely way. But while data gives you a broad view of your audience, it takes something more to ensure you’re speaking […]

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