Brand Identity for the Institute of Designers in Ireland

— Institute of Designers in Ireland

Bread & Butter Creative Talks

We created a vibrant brand identity that would resonate with designers of every discipline.

The Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI) wanted to develop a recurring event that would resonate with designers from every discipline. They asked us to create a brand identity for the event, and help organise each of the monthly events.

We recognised that an individual’s creativity is often inspired by immersing themselves in the creativity of their peers. With this in mind we developed Bread and Butter, a series of talks that we knew would get people talking, sharing, and reveling in the imagination of artists, designers, and innovators from Ireland and abroad.

Along with the brand identity, we created all of the subsequent communications collateral for the event series. The identity received a commendation at the IDI Awards in 2016.