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Market trend

Finding customers. Building relationships. Generating growth.

Part of TotalSource Plus™, Epsilon's industry-leading compiled data source, our Market Trend models deliver unprecedented insight into the behaviors and propensities of customers to engage, purchase or consume products and services. You can use this powerful information to identify and profile your consumers by matching specific characteristics and traits—resulting in improved marketing performance and increased return on marketing investment.

Valuable insight for your specific marketing needs

Offering over 250 different models, the Market Trend dimension leverages the industry’s best compiled data combined with proprietary survey question responses to provide targeted propensity models for the following industries:


Know your customer better than you ever thought you would.

Here you'll find a snapshot of each of Epsilon's TotalSource Plus™ Market trend models to identify and engage your ideal customers in the following markets: financial, insurance & healthcare, media & technology, not-for-profit, publishing, retail, telco, travel, & leisure and more. Each snapshot will include the following elements:

On target

A brief description of the Market Trend model

Building blocks

Best defines customer: the characteristics that best define the consumer that you are targeting

Unlikely to define customer: the characteristics that are very unlikely to define your target customer

Proprietary survey questions

The actual survey question used in Epsilon’s proprietary survey, used to determine the Market Trend model.