Opt-out Form Page

E-Mail Opt-Out: DMS Audience Matched Advertising

Epsilon’s Digital Media Solutions (“DMS”) may process your hashed (obfuscated) e-mail address for audience matched advertising. You can request to opt-out of the processing of your hashed e-mail addresses for these purposes below.

How to Opt-Out:

You may submit your opt-out request by entering your e-mail address in the form below. After submitting the form, an automated message will be e-mailed to you with a link to verify your request. Please click on that link within 30 days. Once we have processed your verified request, we will no longer use your hashed e-mail address to participate in DMS audience matched advertising.

To protect your privacy, we take proactive measures to keep your plaintext e-mail address out of our systems. Therefore, once you submit your e-mail in the form below, we will hash your e-mail prior to processing your request. Your plaintext e-mail will be discarded and will not be logged in our systems.

Please Note: Epsilon may also use other pseudonymous identifiers to recognize you for interest-based advertising (“IBA”), such as Cookie IDs. To learn more about IBA, including how you can control how your data is collected and used for such purposes, please visit our privacy policy.

If you encounter an issue or have any questions, please contact us at privacy@epsilon.com.