20 seconds of courage: Reflecting on a summer at Epsilon

In the rollercoaster of life, moments of courage become the pivots that steer us towards transformative experiences. My internship journey at Epsilon has been no exception; it has been an exciting voyage fueled by “20 seconds of courage” that have opened a world of possibilities. 

Like the heartwarming movie “We Bought a Zoo,” where 20 seconds of courage transformed a family’s life, I’ve embraced that same boldness this summer in the workplace. As I reflect upon my internship experience at Epsilon, I remember how fleeting moments of courage have propelled me to seize opportunities, step out of my comfort zone and embrace uncertainty. For me, this means taking “20 seconds” to step into the new world of marketing and advertising through my summer internship. 

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From wide-eyed novice to confident team partner 

When I entered Epsilon as a wide-eyed intern, I was filled with a mix of excitement and nervousness. Summoning those “20 seconds of courage,” I introduced myself to my team members and fellow interns, and that simple act set the tone for my entire time here. 

I quickly realized that breaking the ice and making connections opened so many doors to experience. Forming relationships with my manager, mentor, teammates and other colleagues from the beginning allowed me to expand my knowledge base of the company and Epsilon’s product suite. I was also able to learn and connect from these people and tap into the expertise of other professionals in the marketing and advertising world.

As for my day to day, my involvement in team meetings and being able to work closely with my manager and marketing team colleagues really enabled my ability to feel confident in the workplace. Through hands-on experience with projects, presentations, reporting, trainings, networking and powerful engagement opportunities, I am confident in the communication and project management skills that I have learned and will take with me to my next role. 

As more people head back into the office or begin their internship role, I suggest taking those same 20 seconds of courage to introduce yourself and make connections to those around you. This brief burst of bravery demonstrates initiative and can really impact your career growth, relationships with colleagues and overall work environment.  

Projecting confidence and working towards success 

Throughout my experience with my team and learning from my fellow interns, I learned how the act of projecting confidence can lead to genuine self-assurance. I practiced this through speaking up in meetings and asking for feedback, while also adding ideas and recommendations for my team on our projects.  

Of course, coming into my intern role, I was delving into uncharted territories of the fast-paced marketing world. However, I could sense the professionals around me exuding the aura of approachability and credibility, which allowed me to do the same. And this made all the difference – knowing that my colleagues were open and approachable and wanted to help us learn. 

This phrase perfectly embodies the spirit of “20 seconds of courage” and resilience in the workplace. I was able to discover a well of untapped potential within myself, where I transformed self-doubt into self-belief and uncertainty into triumph. 

I encourage everyone to take those same 20 seconds to ask questions and speak up. Voicing your ideas, addressing concerns and showcasing your skills can lead to recognition and career advancement. After those 20 seconds are up, you will see how confidence enables you to perform at your best. 

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Memorable moments 

I have learned that cherishing memorable moments in the workplace is not just a sentimental gesture but rather a powerful tool for personal and professional growth. The treasured experiences I shared with the other interns and my team members served as a beacon of inspiration, fueling my motivation and determination. 

I learned this through the relationships I built with my fellow interns as well. This was the first year back to a hybrid experience for the Epsilon internship program, so we had a mix of remote and in-office days. I have met people from areas and backgrounds that I otherwise would never have met.  

The Boston EPIC team, Epsilon’s social, community outreach and wellness organization, did an excellent job ensuring that the interns spent time outside the workplace getting to know one another. We had an ice cream social, yoga hour, networking sessions, and several other events to really help us all bond.

I have also been able to reflect and foster a positive outlook on my time as an intern. Before I fully understood the value of projecting confidence as I worked towards success, I was unsure I would make a sufficient impact during my internship. Yet, once I reflected on those powerful moments I spent with people at Epsilon, I focused on the highlights and acknowledged the value of the journey, even through my doubtful times. 

“20 seconds of courage” is all about being fearless and brave. In reality, those seconds of courage were longer – I took my entire internship experience to courageously jump into the unknown. 

My last piece of advice is to take those same 20 seconds to be fearless and brave in your career. Take risks and try new things – you never know until you try. After all, your career journey doesn’t have to be a linear path, but rather a ‘crooked’ one, where 20 seconds of courage leads you down a more unconventional trail. 

My experience at Epsilon has given me more than any textbook ever could. It's been a tale of stepping out of my comfort zone, discovering my true potential, and taking “20 seconds of courage” before my every move. 

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