An afternoon with Fairygodboss & Karen Davis

At Epsilon, we pride ourselves in having some of the best talent in the business. We run with the best and are always looking for smart, hard-working people to join our team.

To exemplify this further, we work with Fairygodboss, the largest career community and job board for women. Fairygodboss helps companies attract, engage and hire females in the workforce. To learn more you can check out Epsilon's page on the site and read our testimonials.

We recently partnered with Fairygodboss for their Virtual Career Fair for Women in Technology. This was a multi-sponsored event for women jobseekers looking for tech roles, specifically in functional areas such as software engineering/developing, data science and analytics, cybersecurity and leadership in tech.

Epsilon’s Karen Davis, a Managing Director of our Technology Practice shared her experience as a woman in tech working at Epsilon. Karen has been with Epsilon for 16 years, originally joining as an entry level product manager. She has risen in the ranks and is now Managing Director of our Platform Professional Services team.

As you can imagine, Karen has come a long way personally and professionally during her time at Epsilon.

Let’s hear her story:

Like many others, Karen experienced unemployment and grew up middle class in her formative years. She believes these aspects of her upbringing, as well as her religion, showed her what it means to have a strong work ethic that she brings to her job every day.

Karen attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst for college, and this was the first time she felt she was exposed to the world.

Early in her career, Karen worked at three different companies over ten years – this was a time where she identified what mattered most to her and how she wanted to be successful. She realized what she needed to feel fulfilled and motivated: being productive. She learned that her work must have a positive impact and that she needs to work for companies that share her beliefs and values, something she has found in Epsilon.

In her mid-career transformative years, she started at Epsilon. Karen discussed how during her time at Epsilon, she has experienced her highest highs and her lowest lows, and this has been the most valuable lesson. Karen shared that she struggled being a working mom with young kids and not knowing what to prioritize. She had to recognize her outcomes, along with her commitments both during and outside of work, and this came with tough choices. At Epsilon, these choices and decisions were respected, and that is what mattered most.

karen davis mothers day

Epsilon has invested in Karen with training, development opportunities, and special assignments that stemmed from her commitment and dedication to work, despite her commitments outside of her team. This has fueled Karen’s drive to perform and influenced her philosophy, which is centered on paying it forward.

Karen believes it’s a “company’s world”, and she chooses to commit herself to Epsilon, as the company has committed to her over the years and invested in her.

Karen shared her “5 Why’s” for working at Epsilon:

  1. Epsilon cares about its people
  2. Epsilon recognizes achievements
  3. Epsilon empowers “being”
  4. Epsilon enables potential
  5. Epsilon provides growth opportunities

Our afternoon with Karen and Fairygodboss was an excellent example of connecting at a human level with our peers and teammates. While we work in technology, it’s important to make these connections on a personal level, and Karen helped us bring this element of humanity to work. She describes this as a key differentiator for her, and another reason she continues to invest in Epsilon.

Epsilon is constantly growing and hiring. Check out our open positions – we’d love to have you.