Bounce back stories: Amy James, Client Services, Auto

At Epsilon, we have a higher-than-average number of bounce backs (people who leave a company, and then come back). We know it’s because we have a great culture and a leadership team that appreciates career paths are not always linear. In Bounce back stories, we explore the amazing people that have found their way back to Epsilon. This is Amy James’ story.

Amy originally started with Publicis Groupe in 2005 at an auto-focused agency called Aspen Marketing (later acquired by Epsilon). At first, Amy traveled for the company for about a year before working for the events team. After a move back to Atlanta, she managed a promotional program for two years and departed the company in 2019 when her events team was consolidated. In 2021, Amy was thrilled to come back to Epsilon as Senior Account Executive, Client Services for the Auto team.

Why did you decide to “bounce back” to Epsilon? 

"My previous Aspen Marketing/Epsilon Manager of 15 years, Lisa Russell, came back to Epsilon and informed me of an opening on her team. Because we worked so well together and Lisa is a wonderful Manager (not to mention I had previously worked on a couple of projects with Lisa’s new manager), I was excited for the opportunity! Aspen Marketing/Epsilon/Publicis Groupe has been my work family. I’ve had great work opportunities and I’ve made wonderful friends. I also appreciated the fantastic health benefits and matching 401K. These are all very important things to me. I feel there is such a sense of camaraderie in the offices where I’ve had the privilege to work, as well as a feeling that the company truly interested in what is best for me. There is just a wonderful sense of community and opportunities for professional growth.”

What has it been like coming back to Epsilon? 

“I feel like I’m back “home” at Epsilon and so happy to be working with my former manager of 15 years. I now have the chance to learn an entirely different aspect of work in the automotive field, and have an amazing team that is very supportive and helpful.”

What matters most when it comes to an employer? 

“A good employer has the employee’s best interest in mind, in the way of benefits offered, matching 401K, diversity and support of all employees, a chance for the employee to learn and grow and a chance to highlight success stories and reward everyone for their hard work.”

Inquiring minds (candidates!) want to know: what makes Epsilon different? 

“There is a wonderful chance for professional growth and support for the work that you do. There are many areas of the company that are informative and give great guidance and truly a great group of employees that I’ve been fortunate enough to work with here.”

What do a lot of companies get wrong? 

“There needs to be a strong support system, good training and a real sense of working together as a team. This gives an employee a chance to feel included and know they are contributing to the success of not only their position and team, but to the overall success of the company as a whole.”

What would you say to any candidates considering Epsilon? 

“I would highly recommend Epsilon to any qualified employees and let them know the sense of family, support and guidance they can experience here. You can feel truly taken care of at Epsilon, and it’s a workplace where you can continue your professional career all the way through retirement.”

Cheers to Amy, who makes Epsilon even more EPIC! Whether you’re a bounce back or new to Epsilon, check out our open positions. We’d love to have you.