Bounce back stories: Greg Cardone, Senior Director, Data Analytics

At Epsilon, we have a higher-than-average number of bounce backs (people who leave a company, and then come back). We know it’s because we have a great culture and a leadership team that appreciates career paths are not always linear. In Bounce back stories, we explore the amazing people that have found their way back to Epsilon. This is Greg Cardone’s story.

Greg began his journey with Epsilon back in 2018 as Director of Digital Activation in the company’s Data practice. The role itself was new to Epsilon and was focused on growth with current data clients and prospects. The role gave Greg the autonomy to define what “digital” meant to the practice while tapping into his programmatic media trading and execution experience to influence client solutions. Greg’s fondness for generating purpose-fit solutions for clients lead him to an opportunity outside of Epsilon with top retail and CPG brands. Not long after, it was clear that the people, relationships and support that he left behind were not standard everywhere. He happily rejoined Epsilon in March 2022 as Senior Director of Data Strategy & Analytics, rejoining a collaborative team he admired even more than before.

Why did you decide to “bounce back" to Epsilon? 

“You simply cannot discount the relationships forged with people you respect, and who also recognize the value you bring to the table. For me, having the chance to come back to a team that I respect very much while reigniting relationships with former colleagues in a new ways was very attractive. Moreover, Epsilon has always shown a commitment to wellbeing and balance as we continue to evolve in this new way of doing things—which has only grown in significance for me.”

What has it been like coming back to Epsilon? 

“It’s really been incredible. The reception from the teams I now support directly, along with those I did previously, has been almost overwhelming. In a good way! Having that respect carry through from everyone has helped to jump in and drive value as quickly as possible.”

What matters most when it comes to an employer? 

“A company that focuses on its people--both from a development standpoint as well as wellbeing--will succeed every time. Development is premium for those starting out who are hungry to learn and grow in their disciplines. As time goes on, and personal changes come, having a company that openly promotes a healthy work/life balance is such a gift. Talk can be cheap on this, but Epsilon backs it up with action across many initiatives.”

Inquiring minds (candidates!) want to know: what makes Epsilon different? 

“If you look at the tenure of the average employee, it is a testament to a unique culture that starts at the top and has persisted over time. I’m talking about a culture that is one of belonging, respect, understanding and accountability. This isn’t something that can be fabricated, either an organization has it or they don’t.”

What do a lot of companies get wrong? 

“A primary goal of any company is to make money – that’s to be assumed. But when the focus on the bottom line is SO great, and the pressure to do that very quickly is equally great, it often comes at the expense of culture, balance and development. This can lead to feelings of being disconnected and burnout as employees do their best to try and keep pace.”

What would you say to any candidates considering Epsilon? 

“If you are looking for champions (as leaders) along with colleagues who appreciate hard work and genuine respect – you will find it here. I’ve made the return to Epsilon for all of these reasons and look forward to seeing others join me.”

Cheers to Greg, who makes Epsilon even more EPIC! Whether you’re a bounce back or new to Epsilon, check out our open positions. We’d love to have you.