Bounce back stories: Kristen May, Senior Project Manager, Creative

At Epsilon, we have a higher-than-average number of bounce backs (people who leave a company, and then come back). We know it’s because we have a great culture and a leadership team that appreciates career paths are not always linear. In Bounce back stories, we explore the amazing people that have found their way back to Epsilon. This is Kristen May’s story. 

Kristen joined Epsilon (formerly known as Conversant) in 2016 as an Account Manager. She was a full-time graduate student and at the beginning of her program. Kristen was grateful to have the full support of leadership in her graduate studies, and by 2019, she transitioned to the Creative Operations team as a Project Manager. She was promoted to Senior Project Manager in 2021. Shortly thereafter, she was approached with an opportunity to build her own team at a small agency in Chicago. She decided to take a chance, and unfortunately, the role was not as advertised. In 2022, Kristen rejoined Epsilon in her former role as Senior Project Manager, Creative with her “beloved team.” 

Why did you decide to “bounce back" to Epsilon? 

"I quickly realized the importance of the relationships I left behind, the pride I carried in our work (both at the team and organizational level) and the power of a culture that was truly committed to work-life balance. And I realized you cannot underestimate the significance of supportive, visionary leadership."

What has it been like coming back to Epsilon? 

"Amazing - and I’m not exaggerating. I was afraid that there would be some “Scarlet Letter” on me for leaving. If anything, it’s been the opposite. Everyone has been extremely warm. I haven’t felt judged, and I was able to integrate back into the team in a way that was comfortable for all of us."

What matters most when it comes to an employer? 

"This is an interesting question with a complex answer for me. When I joined the company, I was younger and in a different place in my life. At that time, it was about my career ambition and joining a company that I felt was innovative. I am also a person of color, so I also wanted to be somewhere I felt I could bring my authenticities to work. As I’ve gotten older, the value of work-life balance has shifted. As has being at a place that cares about the world around it, which I feel Epsilon does."

Inquiring minds (candidates!) want to know: what makes Epsilon different? 

"To me, it’s the top-down commitment to work-life balance and a genuine desire and appreciation for optimization, innovation, or automation. Whether you’re the architect of a new revenue-generating product or a time-saving process for your team, if it makes us better, it’s a win and should be celebrated."


What do a lot of companies get wrong? 

"A lot of companies miss the mark because they put more energy into looking cool than they do developing the infrastructures, teams, workflows, and tools that result in actually being cool. Culture matters, and you can produce all the catchy phrases in the world but if folks don’t feel it, it ain’t real!"

What would you say to any candidates considering Epsilon? 

Whether you’re a recent graduate looking to make your mark or a seasoned pro exploring a new challenge, Epsilon’s penchant for innovation and commitment to culture make it a great place to work all around. Cheers to Kristen, who makes Epsilon even more EPIC! Whether you’re a bounce back or new to Epsilon, check out our open positions. We’d love to have you.