Bounce back stories: Nate Klyn, Director, Analytics

At Epsilon, we have a higher-than-average number of bounce backs (people who leave a company, and then come back). We know it’s because we have a great culture and a leadership team that appreciates career paths are not always linear. In Bounce back stories, we explore the amazing people that have found their way back to Epsilon. This is Nate Klyn’s story. 

Nate’s initial time at Epsilon (formerly known as Conversant) started in September 2014, after he had just left graduate school and joined the Account Analytics team based in Chicago. Out of graduate school, he wanted to answer key client questions by using data. Conversant was a great fit. In 2018, he decided to move to Denver, CO and found employment at a well-known and large tech firm. Nate was there for 6 years. In early 2022 he decided a return to Epsilon, as Director, Analytics, was the next best step for his career.   

Why did you decide to “bounce back” to Epsilon? 

"I was getting to the point in my career where a change seemed like the right decision. I knew I wanted to stay in tech, work at a place that was positioned to succeed in the future – but also valued work-life balance. I had good memories of my first two post-grad years at Epsilon and it seemed like an obvious choice to me."

What has it been like coming back to Epsilon? 

"It’s been a great return and it’s impressive to me how much bigger we are thinking. We are concentrating on leading the future of ad tech and I think we are well positioned to do so. It’s also been such a warm welcome back. It’s great to see so many familiar faces."

What matters most when it comes to an employer? 

"In my opinion, it comes down to respect in all facets of an employee’s life. Respect for each other as individuals, respect for differing points of view, respect for our clients, and the realization that people have lives outside work." 

Inquiring minds (candidates!) want to know: what makes Epsilon different? 

"A handful of things have stood out to me upon my return, but largely it’s the collegial atmosphere supported by accountability, respect and innovation. When those three are working together, a company can move forward at a great pace."  

What do a lot of companies get wrong? 

"I think companies put too much emphasis on perks that are often associated with culture (think: kegs at office, ping pong tables in the kitchen, etc.). In my opinion, these are an insignificant part of what makes a company great to work at. Do I enjoy having a beer after work in an office? I do, but that is not what I think helps people grow and stick around."

What would you say to any candidates considering Epsilon? 

"Talk to people and apply! Don’t be afraid to reach out to anyone here and ask what they think.   I don’t believe the path to success is linear. Working at Epsilon (twice) has been a great decision."

Cheers to Nate, who makes Epsilon even more EPIC! Whether you’re a bounce back or new to Epsilon, check out our open positions. We’d love to have you.