Careers should be developed with the same care as products

Despite the recent turbulence of the job market, career development & learning have always been top priorities for most employees. Done well, these can also be the key ingredients of a truly great place to work.

At Epsilon, we believe that our people are capable of incredible growth and we want them to build their careers here, with us.

We have purposefully invested in world-class opportunities for our people to grow beyond their first role at Epsilon with ongoing support to excel at the next level. Our career philosophy comes to life through several dynamic programs that center on progressive training, leadership development and feedback. And you don’t need to wait to take advantage of these programs – they start your first week on the job. We also practice inclusive career development, which means making new opportunities available to our employees with support from our learning, recruiting and diversity teams.

Over the past 20 years, employees often had little choice but to quit a company if they wanted a new job. “Internal mobility” wasn’t popular and internal training was limited. We’ve seen this deficiency peak during the pandemic and the Great Resignation—about 4.5M workers quit their jobs in March 2022. We believe that you keep exceptional people by giving them opportunities, and that the idea of static jobs and linear career progression are ideas best left in the past.

In 2022 year-to-date, Epsilon has filled over 120 roles with internal candidates by investing in technical skills, leadership development and internal mobility efforts. We believe talent should be developed with the same care and attention as our products. If you are here, you can expect that we will help you explore, plan and create your career path with unparalleled resources. 

Embracing Opportunity at Epsilon

As the head of learning & development, I can tell you we move fast and develop people even faster. No matter what twists and turns your career path takes, you can have a home at Epsilon where you are valued and have chance to do satisfying work with leading brands. Hear from some of our people for their take on career mobility and seizing new opportunities at Epsilon, and embracing a completely new path:


My time as a Business systems analyst at Epsilon was fantastic, and I advanced my technical skills and knowledge more than I thought I could. At my annual assessment, I did a personal self-audit and some proactive self-reflection. I realized there were curiosities I had and other opportunities that would be an even better fit for my personality and my aspirations. When it comes to career mobility and my experience, my advice is to be patient, do your research, have a plan, and communicate clearly with your manager. My former manager was such a great advocate for me during my transition, and it increased my loyalty and love for Epsilon so much.

-  Rachel Disler, Business Systems Analyst to Technical Coordinator



I started Epsilon in the New Grad Program, and I had an amazing team and experience. Through this work and regular interactions with the business analysts, I realized that this role was actually perfect for me. As someone who is shy, I was initially terrified of transitioning and didn’t want to appear ungrateful. My advice is, never be afraid to speak up about the things you're interested in. Take advantage of all the resources and networks available at Epsilon because all it takes is one conversation to kickstart a new journey for yourself! Forever grateful that I had a great team to help me through my transition into a new role.

- Cathy Zhang, Associate Account Executive to Marketing Business Analyst


I started at Epsilon in 2018 working on statistical models for our clients in sort of a back-office function. I started to realize I had an interest in sales and working with clients directly to find solutions. When I made this interest known, I found so much support and had people that took me under their wings. When an account manager position opened up, I decided I was ready to explore. My advice is to be curious and learn the bigger picture. Always bring a customer focus and take advantage of opportunities to gain exposure and visibility. Ask your colleagues and managers for advice – my experience has been, they want to help and see us succeed.

- Derek Straw, Account Specialist to Account Manager


I started at Epsilon in the New Grad program, working with a very big CPG client. I knew my passion was numbers, but I wanted to be on the front lines, consulting with clients. I learned you really need to set your career goals, discuss them with your manager and network with people in the role you want.

- Eric Garza, Business Systems Analyst to Digital Solutions Consultant

Write Your Next Chapter with Us

Starting a new job can be anxiety-filled but also exciting. Think how much more exciting it would be to join a company where you could find a long-term home in a community of like-minded people. Sounds better, right? As our Executive Chairman John Giuliani says:

“You could spend your entire career here at Epsilon and never get bored.” - John Giuliani, Executive Chairman

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re already with us or haven’t joined yet, check out our open roles and build your career here.