Celebrating National Intern Day: The future shapers

In the ever-evolving landscape of professional development, internships have become the foundation for aspiring individuals to bridge the gap between academia and real-world experience. More than halfway through my time as a Marketing Intern here at Epsilon, I have seen fresh perspectives, innovative ideas and an eagerness to grow and learn among all my fellow interns. I count myself among them in the eagerness category!  

Interns and employees nurture a symbiotic bond, where enthusiasm nourishes the roots of experience, shaping innovative ideas and growth for both. Today, on National Intern Day, I wanted to acknowledge the value and impact interns bring to Epsilon and organizations across the globe.  

The power of collaboration 

Internships undoubtedly offer a unique opportunity for people to collaborate with professionals from various backgrounds and expertise. At Epsilon, we have interns across multiple roles and skills, from Marketing (like me!) to Human Resources to Software Engineering and more. As part of the program, we are each placed on a team in the department that best matches our future career goals and spend the internship learning and working with the team. 

I’ve quickly noticed how my team in the Corporate Communications and Analyst Relations department fosters a supportive and collaborative environment. My teammates have provided encouragement and instruction for each of my projects and tasks, ensuring that they were invested in my growth as a marketing novice. Epsilon’s Communities of Practice (CoPs) also act as an opportunity for interns to share new viewpoints or ideas to the table. 

“Epsilon’s CoPs allow interns to raise a topic or share a perspective that can enrich the entire team’s understanding of something related to the work we do. These meetings allow me to learn from my teammates and encourage me to share my own ideas.” - Sydney Maurer, Business Systems Analyst Intern 

Another great aspect of the program has been our intern project collaborating with the EPIC team that supports community events, where we’ve been tasked with promoting an Epsilon event in conjunction with a local nonprofit. Pairing up with interns from various departments requires the convergence of distinct talents, so we were all excited to delve into unchartered territories of creativity and innovation.


“Collaboration and teamwork are very clearly valued at Epsilon, as is evident in our intern group project! It is great to work for a company that values community outreach so highly.” - AJ Konstanty, Human Resources Intern 

There’s no better day than National Intern Day to emphasize the importance of fostering a culture of teamwork, where new ideas blend with experience to create remarkable results. 

A two-way learning experience 

Interns bring their knowledge, ambition, and enthusiasm while employees bring their mentorship, guidance, and practical training. This symbiotic exchange cultivates a learning environment where interns can gain hands-on experience, hone their skills, and make informed career choices. 

I’ve seen this relationship first-hand, where I, a GenZer in the ad world might be able to offer fresh ideas about social media strategies or cause-driven marketing, for example. On the other side, my team has guided me through the industry intricacies and offered me a compass to navigate my professional life. 

“It feels great to be able to contribute my own thoughts to the development process. Knowing that my ideas are valued in the team means a lot.” - Anthony Bell, Engineering Intern 

I believe it is within this intricate partnership that true transformation can take place, nourishing the goals of both parties and propelling them toward shared success. 

Building a strong talent pipeline

National Intern Day is not only about celebrating the achievements of current interns but also about recognizing the significance of internships in building a strong workforce for the future. (Check out this blog from a previous intern who is now a full-time employee at Epsilon!) Interns represent the next generation of professionals who will carry a company’s legacy forward. Though we may be ‘temporary guests,’ we will soon hopefully become the architects of a flourishing work environment.


“The Epsilon Internship Program is an awesome opportunity for young careerists and aspiring tech-enthusiasts to gain experience in the corporate world. It’s a nice mix of team-collaboration, intern projects, learning from peers and leaders and getting a flavor of what it’s like to work at an organization of Epsilon’s size” - Grace Francesconi, Manager, Corporate Communications 

In the weeks I have left this summer at Epsilon, I want to take advantage of this meaningful experience and continue to develop my own skills and expertise. I have no doubt that through this current summer internship, Epsilon has laid the foundation for a talented workforce that will drive innovation and progress in the years to come. 

National Intern Day allows us to reflect on the impact of internships and our role in transforming companies and industries. My time here has shown me the importance of creating an environment that fosters growth, learning, and collaboration so that we, as interns, can become the future shapers of our society.  

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