Compete. Have fun. Do good: Epsilon at the Boston Children’s Hospital Corporate Cup

Compete. Have fun. Do good. This was the slogan used for the 2023 Boston Children’s Hospital Corporate Cup and the perfect representation of this event.

Coming into my internship at Epsilon, I didn’t really know what to expect. Throughout my summer here, I have quickly learned that Epsilon is exactly who they say they are and more.

It’s truly refreshing to work for a company that doesn’t just care about giving back, but they do it in a big way. EPIC, Epsilon’s group responsible for social, community outreach and wellness, perfectly exemplifies what Epsilon is all about. They are the reason I was able to attend the most enjoyable event of my summer so far, The Corporate Cup.

The Corporate Cup is an annual fundraiser to benefit the Boston Children’s Hospital with various team-building competitions such as a football toss, obstacle course, backyard games and so much more. Epsilon was a Silver Sponsor for the event and we brought a team of 18 to compete.

We may not have won the Cup, but the experience itself was invaluable and the day was so much fun. There are endless good reasons to participate in an event like this. It was an amazing way to get to know people that I never would work with or meet otherwise (it was a combination of Wakefield and Boston, MA office employees) and the team building aspect made it even better.

"It was incredible to see how the connections in the office carried onto the field when figuring out different strategies and working together." - Ainsley Dundon, Marketing Intern

CC 2Team Epsilon working through the obstacle course!

The whole environment of 60+ companies competing against each other, but also coming together to raise money for this great cause, truly created an awesome atmosphere. One of my other fellow interns put it this way:

“It was great to see so many people come together to support a common goal - the energy was amazing!” - Emily Hawkins, Business Systems Analyst Intern

Physical competitions tend to bring out a different and fun side of people that you don’t get to see in the office. There was also a good amount of down time throughout the day where I was able to have some quality conversations with my teammates that simply don’t happen as much in an office setting.

The best part about the event to me was the inclusivity of it all. No athletic expertise was required for you to go to the event and have a great time. No matter what happened, everybody still raised money and enjoyed spending time together spending time outside of the office. One of our co-captains, Katie Ice, put it this way:

“If someone was on the fence with attending this event whether it was due to the physicality aspect or not knowing others, I would say that this is an extremely unique event to be a part of and encourage them to attend! As captains, we tailor the events that you participate into ones that you are interested in and comfortable with. You may leave a bit sore from using some muscles you haven't in years, but you will leave with a whole new group of friends!” - Katie Ice, Early Careers Program Manager

CC 3Our co-captains, Lauren Malone & Katie Ice!

It's safe to say we competed, had fun, and did good.

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