Early careers with Epsilon: EpsiLeaders 2022

This summer, the Epsilon Early Careers team virtually welcomed 50 freshmen and sophomore college students to participate in the 5th annual EpsiLeaders event. EpsiLeaders is a day-long virtual externship program where students have the opportunity to learn about the company, get exposure to various career pathways at Epsilon and participate in professional workshops.

The day kicked off with participants hearing from Meghan Nyeste (Sr. Manager, Client Advocacy) and Josh Dysart (Sr. Director, Corporate Communications) who provided a deeper dive into Epsilon and our offerings. This involved breaking down our rich company history, the work we do and how we do it.

“For me, I really wanted the students to walk away knowing there isn’t a 'one-size-fits-all' or specific major they need to have in order to be successful at Epsilon. It comes down to the experiences you have, and participating in programs like EpsiLeaders will be the key to success and learning about what you want in a career,” Meghan shared.

As the group gained an insightful overview of the company, the students were broken up into various pathways based on career interests allowing students to gain a sense of how to transition their college majors and interests into a viable career path. Justine Rouleau (Account Manager) led the Marketing pathway, while Emily Krough (Business Systems Analyst), Nathan Cashmer (Business Systems Analyst) and Ali Walsh (Associate Business Systems Analyst) spearheaded the Information Systems pathway.

It wouldn’t be an Epsilon Early Careers event if we didn’t showcase our programs with the students! Alexis Noon (Early Career Programs Coordinator) shared the key components of our New Grad and Internship programs at Epsilon. From discussing training programs and mentorship to networking opportunities students were able to learn firsthand how Epsilon invests and prioritizes early talent and their transition into the corporate space.

In addition to learning more about different career paths at Epsilon, the participants were offered various outlets to network with current employees in the field. Students were then divided up by career interest again so they could learn from current New Grads about their experience transitioning from college to corporate, the culture here at Epsilon and their day-to day work within the Marketing and Information Systems industries.

Towards the end of the day, after discussing various career pathways and what a future at Epsilon could look like, the students participated in a LinkedIn and Resume workshop. They learned best practices for crafting their resumes and LinkedIn profiles to set them up for success to tackle the job market.

Mark Roeser (Vice President Engineering) wrapped up the day by sharing thoughtful advice on the true journey that our professional lives hold along with valuable career guidance.

We couldn’t have asked for a better EpsiLeaders event with students and future leaders! Being able to provide a space for students to learn about Epsilon and the vast number of opportunities within the company was extremely rewarding and we are fortunate to have been able to jumpstart their career exploration. We’re already excited for EpsiLeaders 2023!

Interested in exploring Career opportunities & job openings at Epsilon? Take a look at our Careers page – we’d love to have you.

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