Epsilon Lunch & Learn: What makes a great learning partnership?

Here at Epsilon, we are committed to the personal and professional development of all our employees. With being so heavily engrained in the technology sphere, we are committed to providing top-tier training in relevant emerging technologies.  

Excellent technical training opportunities start with strong partnerships. Epsilon has numerous partners we work with -- one of which is Databricks. Databricks is a software company founded by the creators of Apache Spark and the organization is well known for their Data Lakehouse model. What makes a great partnership? Consistent communication, top-tier service and desire to problem solve and collaborate across teams.  

In a recent Epsilon Lunch & Learn hosted by Databricks in our Irving, TX office, over 60 Epsilon colleagues gathered to engage with the Databricks team to collaborate, problem solve and of course enjoy lunch together! The team shared a deep dive on Data Engineering, including an opportunity to participate in a hands-on lab for attendees. The session was full of questions, interactivity and engagement on the topic of Data Engineering with Databricks and how Epsilon works with the platform.

Felix Santiago, the Databricks Account Director for Publicis Groupe, shared a few insights on what makes a great learning partnership following the event:

“In-person learning provides a positive employee experience which allows learners opportunities to interact with colleagues or meet new colleagues. It is not uncommon for employees to meet team members for the first time in years during in-person learning events like these. The company culture usually makes its strongest display during these events and fosters a feeling of belonging within the company. Events like this build or strengthen much-needed skills for employees and fosters a culture of innovation that is required to re main competitive. Therefore, in-person learning is a win-win for both employees and the company."

databrick 2

The Learning & Organizational Development Team at Epsilon couldn’t agree more. We care about fostering a culture of inclusion, life-long learning and connectivity. The culture of Epsilon thrives on our connectivity. We embrace this through spending time in the office problem solving, attending learning events and through working together in the virtual landscape. The engagement and interaction during learning engagements like these is special and is part of who we are!

We are excited to continue to be able to offer opportunities to showcase the Epsilon culture across the globe. 

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