Epsilon Magnitude Winners: Amanda Felix

Simply put: We wouldn’t be an industry-leader without our people. It’s important to recognize the hard work and commitment of rock stars, which is why Epsilon launched our Magnitude recognition program in 2020. Magnitude is all about rewarding Epsilon employees who stand out for their hard work and commitment to our values: Passion, Accountability and Inclusion. In this series, you’ll learn a bit more about some of our 2021 Annual Magnitude Winners.

We caught up with Amanda Felix, who was selected by leadership as one of our annual winners for her commitment to ‘Today Not Tomorrow’, solving challenging problems at a moment’s notice and leading her team to success.

Amanda is a Manager, Media Delivery and has been at Epsilon for 6.5+ years, working on the Media Delivery team out of our Agoura Hills office in California since she started.Veinjanes-85

We spoke with Amanda to get a glimpse into her contributions, experience and life at Epsilon:

Can you tell us a little bit about the work you’ve done this past year and why you were recognized for this award?

“'Today Not Tomorrow' is not only my motto in business but my motto 4lyfe! My manager joked about my connection with Ricky Bobby and his notion 'If you’re not first, you’re last.' I am highly competitive, and strive to quickly complete tasks, encouraging my team to do the same. I feel that when a task is given, there is a reason for it and the sooner you can deliver, the sooner business needs can be met. I pride myself on solving challenging problems and documenting them for my team to serve as a resource. In the last year, I helped to streamline the process of collecting campaign information through ownership of a shared campaign performance tracker and refined resources by developing a Business Line Product Guide so that our team is successful in executing client initiatives and internal goals.”

What part of this project or work are you most proud of?

“I work hard to respond to questions and requests as fast as possible and it is nice to see that my colleagues value that. I do my best to go above and beyond and it’s nice to know others appreciate it as well. Striving for 'Today Not Tomorrow' benefits myself and others and I am proud to be recognized by different departments ranging from sales to operations.”

What advice do you have for other colleagues (or soon to be colleagues!) about making an impact at Epsilon?

“Give your best effort every day. Epsilon has put into me just as much as I have put into my work. I have a rewarding and fulfilling career and feel that I make an impact because of my work. You cannot expect what you don’t put in!”

If you were to receive a Magnitude Award in your personal life, what would it be for?

“My personal life Maggy would be called 'There are 24 Useable Hours in Every Day.' Epsilon is my primary job, but I pursue other ventures including a side hustle baking cakes for all occasions (@veinjanes on Instagram!) and consulting for my local Country bar, Borderline Saloon. These extracurriculars have afforded me so many opportunities to work with people from diverse backgrounds, learn how to navigate sensitive situations and deliver amazing results whether I am stacking a 5-tier wedding cake or designing saloon flyers for Friday night’s live show.”


Like Amanda, many of our employees here at Epsilon have amazing stories and have been able to make a tremendous impact on our success as a company. If you would like to join our team and have the opportunity to work with stars like Amanda, check out our Careers Page!

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