Epsilon Magnitude Winners: Rashmi Rajput

Simply put: We wouldn’t be an industry-leader without our people. It’s important to recognize the hard work and commitment of rock stars, which is why Epsilon launched our Magnitude recognition program in 2020. Magnitude is all about rewarding Epsilon employees who stand out for their hard work and commitment to our values: Passion, Accountability and Inclusion. In this series, you’ll learn a bit more about some of our Annual Magnitude Winners. 

We caught up with Rashmi Rajput, who was selected by leadership as one of our annual winners for her amazing work on the implementation of a loyalty program for one of our largest clients in the energy space.

Rashmi has been with Epsilon since 2018, starting her career here as a Project Manager in Bangalore, India. Over the years, Rashmi has grown her career and now serves as a Senior Manager of Program Delivery.

We spoke with Rashmi to get a glimpse into her contributions, experience and life at Epsilon: RR2-1

Can you tell us a little bit about the work you’ve done and why you were recognized for this award?

“My latest assignment was to drive the proprietary loyalty program implementation across 7 unique markets in APAC. I was able to work on were some of the largest energy conglomerates in the world. I wore different hats throughout the delivery life cycle to ensure the projects were always delivered on time without any issues. My team and I were able to maintain 15% cost savings during the project, establishing Epsilon as trusted partner which opened up avenues for upsell and cross sell opportunities.”

What part of this project or work are you most proud of?

“This project with the loyalty team has been one of the challenging projects I have worked on, as the scope was always evolving and proved to be a larger time commitment than planned. I balanced many challenges and worked with the team, and ultimately left our client with confidence in our industry leading knowledge. Given the project’s complex nature and involvement from multiple vendors, my focus was continued collaboration with key stakeholders from other platforms and cross-Publicis team. I was leaning into the ONE Epsilon spirit and creating integrated delivery experience for our client.”

What advice do you have for other colleagues (or soon to be colleagues!) about making an impact at Epsilon?

“Take initiatives to accomplish tasks without being asked. Doing so ultimately leads to a more productive environment—not to mention it feels good! Create opportunities for your teams to innovate and bring ideas to the table. Something I learned from my mentor that has proven to be true is that trusting your teams and delegating is the key to creating successful teams. The benefits of delegation are multi-fold for your team members, the organization and your own professional growth.”

If you were to receive a Magnitude Award in your personal life, what would it be for?RR1-2

“I think it would have to be for my perseverance and resilience. Last year, I earned a new degree while working full-time during the pandemic lock-down. Doing this was on my bucket list for a long time, and it was a challenge to find the bandwidth to get it done. Returning to school as an adult required immense commitment and hard work. I had to move through the maze of challenges and distractions to effectively manage my time. This commitment to my studies and earning this degree has left me with a feeling of accomplishment and exhilaration as I look back.”

Like Rashmi, many of our employees here at Epsilon have amazing stories and have been able to make a tremendous impact on our success as a company. If you would like to join our team and have the opportunity to work with stars like Rashmi, check out our Careers Page!