Epsilon volunteers make learning aids for children with autism

At Epsilon, service and giving back to the communities around us is an integral part of who we are. We believe that together, we can build a better world by enabling and empowering the communities we live in.

As part of our EPIC Outreach Program, we regularly partner with non-profit organizations to support varied various social causes through philanthropic contributions as well as community service.

This past August, 50 Epsilon India employees volunteered to co-create learning aids for children with autism. This initiative was held in partnership with Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism (ASHA), a Bangalore-based charitable trust that provides education along with a comprehensive set of therapies to individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

In India alone, 1 in 100 children below 10 years old has autism. Early diagnosis and interventions can have major long-term positive effects and contribute to their holistic development. At ASHA, students are also trained in academics for inclusion in mainstream education.

At the half-day event with ASHA, Epsilon volunteers formed small groups to create these learning and visual aids that will make classroom learning and everyday safety routines an easier and enjoyable task for children. The materials will also help teachers teach students with autism effectively.

asha 1

This was an insightful and enriching experience, leaving our Epsilon volunteers with fond memories and a desire to keep giving back.

“The joy and heart the staff of this school bring to their work was so inspiring. The sensitivity with which they handled the children was amazing. I learned how much potential and talent we have yet to tap into. I learned that higher intelligence could come in shapes we are yet to recognize. Making training materials for the school and working with my newfound Epsilon friends was so much fun. Thank you to the team for giving me the opportunity to participate and learn,” shared Rebecca Randad, Senior Director, Strategic Programs Office Delivery.

asha 2

“I’ve been at Epsilon for a few weeks now and it feels like home. This is the first EPIC Outreach initiative that I have participated in and I was able to meet such lovely people, including the wonderful students at ASHA, and create something so special. We made wire racks for drying clothes with just two things - a box and a scale. It pushed us to think out of the box. I still can't get over this epic day,” said Nisha Rani Patil, Associate Client Services Analyst.

asha 3

Our volunteers had a great time testing their creativity, and coming up with ingenious solutions, and their enthusiasm rubbed off on everyone present.

“Starting with the orientation, we were surprised by the enthusiasm of the group. They had plenty of questions on autism, our organization and our intervention services. It was my pleasure to answer all the questions. The group showed a genuine interest in learning more about the complex condition,” said Jayashree Ramesh, Director, ASHA.

“The volunteers were receptive to the special educators’ instructions and requirements regarding making the teaching aids and followed it through sincerely. The teachers are happy with the materials created and it’ll help our students greatly,” she added.

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