Hackcelerate the MAYhem: A global innovation showcase

Innovation isn't just a part of our culture at Epsilon; it's the very essence of who we are as we strive to deliver impactful solutions for our clients and Innovate with Purpose.

Hackathon 2

This ethos was on full display during our global hackathon, Hackcelerate the MAYhem, where we had teams – under our Chief Technology Officer, Myron Sojka, across engineering, delivery and operations - from around the world join a two-day event filled with learning, collaboration and cutting-edge solutions.

875 employees from 9 cities across the globe formed 204 teams, ready to take the hackathon challenge head-on. The event was hosted in our offices worldwide, including in Bangalore, Boston, Brisbane, Chicago, Irving, London, San Diego, Wakefield and Westminster.

The central theme of Hackcelerate the MAYhem was "Accelerate", challenging participants to push the boundaries of innovation across three key areas of efficiency enhancement, product enhancement and exploring avenues to expand Epsilon’s product and service offerings.

Hackathon 3

Living the Epsilon value of ‘Work Together to Win Together’

The hackathon brought together a diverse mix of talents and perspectives. One of the most inspiring aspects of the hackathon was witnessing the power of collaboration and camaraderie transcending geographical barriers. Teams came together from different locations to brainstorm, innovate and find impactful solutions.

Throughout the hackathon, a team of seasoned mentors from both Epsilon and Amazon Web Services (AWS), our partner for the event, guided the participants, while also steering teams through challenges and helping transform ideas into tangible solutions.

“It was fascinating to see the variety of proposed solutions aimed at positively impacting Epsilon's product goals of cost, efficiency and automation. Some of the proposed solutions included implementing cost predictors during the development phase, self-healing code for production defects, facilitating ease of coding during technology migrations and using monitoring analysis for automated code corrections. These innovative concepts were truly impressive,” said Sowmya Venugopal, Director, Software Engineering, and a mentor from India.

“We immersed ourselves in the electrifying world of innovation. It was great to witness teams igniting sparks of creativity as they collaborated and competed, fueled by the cutting-edge tools of AWS and GenAI. From exhilarating brainstorming sessions to prototype building, every moment was a testament to the power of teamwork and ingenuity. With over 200 teams vying for victory, the atmosphere was charged with motivation and determination. The real prize was the wealth of knowledge and inspiration gained by all participants. As ideas soared and boundaries were shattered, this epic event proved that the sky's the limit when passion meets technology,” shared Raju Datla, Director of Program Delivery.

The finals were a competitive round of evaluations based on strict criteria in order to choose the finalists, but we celebrate not just the winners, but also spirit of innovation that drove the success of an event of this scale and complexity.

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Hackcelerate the MAYhem truly brought out our spirit of creativity, passion, and dedication to excellence, and is a great push to us as we collectively shape the future of the industry and Epsilon.

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