Impactful Individuals at Epsilon: Magnitude Annual Winners

Simply put: We wouldn’t be an industry-leader without our people. It’s important to recognize the hard work and commitment of rock stars, which is why Epsilon launched our Magnitude recognition program in 2020. Magnitude is all about rewarding Epsilon employees who stand out for their hard work and commitment to our values. In this series, you’ll learn a bit more about some of our Annual Magnitude Winners.   

We caught up with a few of our annual winners from 2022 to gain some insight into their time here at Epsilon and their achievements. 

Vivek Viswanathan 

Vivek started his tenure at the Epsilon Bangalore office back in 2015, assuming the role of an engineering manager. After five years, he transitioned to the role of an Architect. His focus encompassed product development and client implementation within Epsilon People Cloud Loyalty. More recently, his responsibility has shifted towards building EPC Audience activation capability using Audience Management System. 

Can you tell us a little bit about the work and why you were recognized? 

“The recognition was specifically for troubleshooting and resolving numerous intricate production issues for key PCL customers in 2022. I was able to lead the product teams in identifying the root cause and seamlessly collaborated with the US and EI teams in rolling out the fixes which were critical for the clients.” 

 Who do you look up to for inspiration or mentorship? Vivek

“When reflecting on mentorship, I feel immensely grateful for the extraordinary individuals who have profoundly influenced my path. I wish to highlight Julie Smith, Arun Rajaraman, Raj, and Chris Wissing since each of these mentors holds a special place in my journey, contributing significantly to my personal and professional development. Their guidance, unwavering support, and invaluable insights have been pivotal in shaping my growth.”

What piece of advice do you have for other colleagues (or soon to be colleagues!) about making an impact at Epsilon? 

“In Epsilon, there are endless possibilities to grow, technically as well as leadership level. You get the opportunity to work on award-winning products empowered with the freedom to craft them as you see fit. Our Leadership drives the spirit of innovation and continuous learning, inspiring all to stay curious and hungry for knowledge as the tech landscape unfolds rapidly. Embrace the journey of discovery and evolution at Epsilon, and together, we'll shape a future.” 

Katy Coffman 

Katy has been a part of the Epsilon family for over 3 years now, starting out with the Account Analytics team within Epsilon Digital. She also has experience with PeopleCloud Prospect Analytics and is now an Analytical Consultant to multiple CPG clients. 



Can you tell us a little bit about the work and why you were recognized? 

“In early 2022, the Epsilon team supporting Unilever in the Discovery and Prospect platforms (aka The Hive) realized we needed a repeatable analytical process that would enable us to quickly produce insights and support rapid response to client briefs. I led the team in building this Analytics Factory within Prospect, which now includes audience automation in the thousands and pre-built workflows for competitor analyses and predictive models.” 

Can you tell us about something you have accomplished recently? undefined-4

“Outside of work, I enjoy reading. My goal each year is to read more books than the year prior. I just finished my 17th book this year. This means I only need to finish one more book to surpass last year, and I still have several months left!”

What piece of advice do you have for other colleagues (or soon to be colleagues!) about making an impact at Epsilon? 

 “Try something new! Whether it be learning about a new product, new client, or new team, there's so many opportunities to grow here. This could be as simple as reaching out to a presenter after a company or department all-hands to learn more about their team.”