Mental health awareness: Taking care together

May is upon us. For many, this means the flora is budding, the sky is a little clearer and there are longer days of sunlight to enjoy some fresh air. It can also mean the timely departure of seasonal depression – also known as seasonal affective disorder – which is jointly timed with Mental Health Awareness Month.  

Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in May since 1949 to help eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness by raising awareness of mental health conditions and those who have them. Today, we know that mental health and workplace culture are intertwined, with factors such as remote working, work-life balance and burnout playing a significant role in our health and happiness. "In fact, 87% of U.S. employers said enhancing medical health benefits will be one of their top priorities over the next couple of years and up to 81% of individuals said that support for mental health when they seek future job opportunities is an important consideration."

Putting people first  

At Epsilon, we always put our people first. That means finding new and better ways to ensure the well-being of each of our colleagues. One example of how we do this is ‘Epsilon Days of Rest,’ which gives everyone the opportunity to disconnect with company-wide time off. Outside of our regular company holiday calendar, these extra days off are meant for everyone to rest and recharge.  

We also have a flexible time off policy – also known as FTO – where employees can take time off on their own terms, without stipulating a maximum number of days. While we know we have a culture where people love coming in to work, we know that life has much more to offer outside of work. We strive to cultivate an environment where employees feel like they can enjoy quality time both in and out of the proverbial office.  

Prioritizing wellness 

When it comes to mental health, it’s important to have tools and support at your fingertips. As part of Publicis Groupe, our people have access to free, virtual wellness classes to manage challenges such as anxiety, stress and depression. There are a wide array of courses ranging from how to manage your energy, mental health for remote work, meditation, to movement for stress management. We also have access to a variety of other mental health resources, including accessibility to talk to a health coach or professional, webinars, family benefits and more. 

As physical health (and endorphins!) plays a role in mental health, our people have access to free health coaching services with trained health professionals. Health and wellbeing are such an important focus that monetary healthy rewards are available to support people on their individual wellness journeys. As part of the program, employees can engage 1:1 with WebMD coaches, who are health experts.  

Supporting each other 

Many people who experience workplace burnout cite “lack of social support from colleagues” as a factor. To support each other, Epsilon has created an employee recognition program, Spotlight, that provides you the opportunity to shine the light on colleagues who bring Epsilon’s values and behaviors to life every day. Points accumulated on Spotlight are redeemable for prizes and gift cards. Celebrating not only the big wins, but the smaller, everyday wins, is one way to make colleagues feel supported and seen.  

At Epsilon we aim to work hard, play hard, and rest and recharge with just as much vigor. We are here to support our employees throughout their well-being journeys, throughout the month of May, and all year round.