Product Immersion Week – A deep dive into our product wonderland!

Epsilon India recently concluded its groundbreaking Product Immersion Week, a four-day tech-talk extravaganza hosted by the stellar minds of our Product Engineering Team. This immersive experience brought together Epsilonians from diverse teams, creating a dynamic space to delve into the intricacies of our cutting-edge products. The insightful sessions not only gave attendees a peek into our industry-shaping product thinking but also helped them stay ahead in tech’s fast lane. The event underscored our cultural ethos, emphasizing the importance we place on continual learning, growing, and staying in sync with the latest tech trends.

Unlike traditional product walkthroughs, our sessions went beyond the surface, diving into core capabilities that form the bedrock of our PeopleCloud Product suite. Here's a quick overview of the thought-provoking topics covered:

  • Real-time Ad Journeys
  • Cloud Infrastructure Automation
  • Cloud-Based Data Management
  • Reusable Design Systems for UX
  • Agile Process Adoption
  • Swarming and Unified Support
  • SRE and DevOps
  • Unified 1P Data Views


Each session, designed as a 90-minute interactive journey, captivated the audience's attention, with pop quizzes adding a layer of fun and competition. These sessions showcased the foundational and reusable aspects of our products, highlighting the challenges and innovations that engineering professionals could expect to encounter within Epsilon.

The resounding success of Product Immersion Week is proof that Epsilon stands as a vibrant community where innovation isn't a buzzword but a daily pursuit, learning isn't a phase but a constant evolution, and growth isn't just encouraged but celebrated. Here's to a future where our product wonderland continues to expand, challenging the boundaries of what's possible and setting new benchmarks in tech excellence.