Recharging together with Epsilon Days of Rest

At Epsilon, we always put people-first. One way we do this is through a commitment to work-life balance. It’s important that we all have an opportunity to take time away from work for vacation, illnesses and when unforeseen circumstances occur. We practice what we preach and at Epsilon employees get flexible time off, which means no restrictions or limits on how much personal time our full-time employees take each year.

But in 2020, the leadership team realized that wasn’t enough. People started working differently. The lines between work and personal time became blurred. With everyone stuck at home – people simply weren’t taking as much time off. Epsilon adjusted to help our employees take care of each other.

To find better balance through the pandemic, we introduced “Epsilon Days of Rest.” The concept was simple: give everyone the opportunity to disconnect with company-wide days off. Outside of our regular company holiday calendar, these extra days off were meant for everyone to rest and recharge. There would be no email or work piling up, because we would all be taking a collective pause together.

Two years later, these Days of Rest have become an important part of the Epsilon culture and one of the most popular perks we offer. We work hard, play hard, and rest hard at Epsilon – it’s part of the passion we have for work and for life.

Our first global Day of Rest in 2022 took place Friday, March 18. Check out just a few of the EPIC ways our people spent their day off:



I plan on spending a bulk of it on the couch watching #MarchMadness2022 #EpsilonDayOfRest #EPICtogether.

Josh D.


Two years in, it's become one of my favorite perks because it's like a holiday where you won't get any work emails, but it's also *not* a holiday, so you probably don't have any other family/friend/life commitments - the time is yours! I'll be having a (super fun) spring cleaning day 🧹 🧽” – Melanie F. 



I'm incredibly grateful & proud to work for a company that prioritizes employee happiness! Today, I'll be spending my Day of Rest outside & enjoying the beautiful weather. Thank you, Epsilon!

Stephanie H.


“I'll spend my day at the local nursery shopping for spring flowers!” – Nicole R.



I will happily be spending it skiing with my wife and little girls (yes, they're playing hooky!).

Paul D.


Looking forward to my Day of Rest, thanks to Epsilon. I am going to start on my next quilt; quiet day of focus and planning! – Dawn B. 



I’m spending my day at the zoo with my son! #EpsilonDayOfRest #EPICtogether

Lauren M.






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