Shining the light on great work & people

Recognition is a powerful way for teams to come together and celebrate each other – and it’s also a big part of building a culture that retains top talent. According to a survey by Great Place to Work and O.C. Tanner, recognition is the most important driver of great work. 37% of respondents indicated that more personal recognition would encourage them to produce better work more often.   

In real life, that means taking a moment to say: I could not have done this without you. Or: Great work, that was an amazing result. It’s important this level of appreciation comes not only from managers, but from peers and across different job functions.  

I see this happening all the time at Epsilon because it’s part of our performance-driven culture.  Our teams understand that everyone’s contributions – no matter how big or small – are critical to delivering for our clients and business. The “thank you'” and the “I see you” makes us happier at work and more likely to stay at an organization. Or come back 

One way we drive this culture of gratitude is by rallying our teams around a common set of values and behaviors.  

​​​We live by Passion, Accountability & Inclusion   

I love our values of Passion, Accountability and Inclusion. They describe who we are at Epsilon and who we strive to be. They are the principles that guide our actions. We have people who care deeply about their work (passion), are personally committed to delivering for our clients with integrity (accountability) and do this by working closely with colleagues across diverse geographies and backgrounds (inclusion).

It’s our behaviors that then bring these values to life. They reflect how we approach our work each day and achieve business success whether we are showing up Today, Not Tomorrow for our clients or finding more efficient ways of working by Automating to Innovate.  

We recognize with Magnitude

It only makes sense that these values and behaviors are how we recognize and reward each other. In 2020, we introduced Epsilon’s Magnitude Awards, which recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of individuals who have brought our values and behaviors to life and delivered results in a big way.  Since Q2 2020, 2,742 employees were nominated, we celebrated the accomplishments of 194 quarterly winners and 18  Annual Magnitude Award winners – the most prestigious employee recognition award at Epsilon.  

“It is a great feeling of getting recognized for your work. Appreciate the farsightedness of the organization’s leadership in establishing such prestigious awards to encourage excellence.” - Santosh, 2020 Annual Magnitude Winner 

In the coming weeks, we look forward to introducing you to some of these individuals – right here on the EPIC blog – so you can learn more about the smart and collaborative people that make Epsilon great.

Shining the light on everyday accomplishments 

While the Magnitude Awards were created to celebrate the big accomplishments, it’s equally important we encourage our people to show appreciation for everyday accomplishments. Our Spotlight program provides an opportunity to shine the light on each other by awarding Props or Points – whether it’s giving Props to show gratitude for a job well done or taking it up a notch by giving Points that can be saved up and redeemed for a variety of prizes. Since the program launched in Q4 2020, I’m proud to share that on average 20 million points have been distributed annually across the platform and 15 million points redeemed annually for prizes, like sports gear and popular store gift cards.

Staying connected and saying thank you is challenging when so many of us are working remotely. I’m proud of Epsilon’s commitment to recognition and finding ways to celebrate – no matter how big or small.

Are you ready to run with the best and be recognized for your accomplishments? Check out our job openings here.