Spirit of collaboration and appreciation come to life at Epsilon Gratitude Week

In the second week of December 2023, the Epsilon India office in Bangalore wore a look of festivity and infectious energy. Our diverse teams embarked on a week-long festivity, aptly named ‘Gratitude Week’, of appreciation and unity. This initiative was designed to appreciate each other, recognize the invaluable contributions of our support staff, and express gratitude to the environment that sustains us. 

Planting seeds of Gratitude

The initiative was kicked off by Epsilon Chief Technology Officer Myron Sojka with the planting of a sapling in the Bangalore campus. In addition, Epsilon has also donated 1,900 saplings to foster a greener and more sustainable future.


Recognizing Workplace Heroes

A pivotal aspect of Gratitude Week was the heartfelt acknowledgment of our support staff, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the smooth functioning of our organization. In a special ceremony, our leadership team recognized over 130 service staff members, expressing gratitude for their unwavering dedication and hard work. This recognition was not just an event; it was a sincere thank you to those who often go unnoticed but play a crucial role in our success.


The Gratitude Carnival 

What’s a celebration without a party? The pinnacle of Gratitude Week was undoubtedly Carnival Day, a vibrant and high-energy event that brought together over 2,000 employees, support staff, and leaders in an atmosphere of enjoyment and camaraderie. The gala featured fun activities, food stalls offering a diverse range of culinary delights, photo booths capturing joyful moments, and a Gratitude tree where everyone could express their appreciation.

A Talent Powerhouse

A key highlight of the Carnival Day was the talent show, where both employees and support staff took center stage to showcase their unique skills and talents. From musical performances to entertaining skits to beatboxing and more, the talent show exemplified the diverse talents that make our workplace a dynamic and enriching community.


Gratitude Week was more than just another celebration; it was a collective expression of our shared values and commitment to fostering a positive and appreciative workplace culture. As we step into the new year, we look forward to carrying the spirit of gratitude, collaboration, and environmental responsibility forward. Meanwhile, we are sure the echoes of joy, warmth, and camaraderie will continue to linger on for a long, long time.