What it's like to be a SVP of Creative at Epsilon

We sat down with Stacy Ward, Senior Vice President of Creative here at Epsilon, about her career journey and her time at the organization for the last 15 years.

Throughout her time at Epsilon, Stacy has been surrounded by our culture that she calls “Ambitious, outcome-focused, and very goal-driven.” Stacy shared that, “As a company, we are setting and hitting goals that no one else in the industry is even touching or is a decade away from getting close to — which is very inspiring.”stacy feature

And, while we are innovating and always aiming to go above and beyond for our teams and clients, we are also focused on empowering our employees. Epsilon is “incredibly supportive,” says Stacy. “This company truly cares about people…Career advancement is also a very big focus. We have a very structured and rigorous performance management process.” Our twice-a-year review process focuses on the right elements for each employee and their personal career growth.

“Everyone has a career development goal intended to identify a necessary skill or experience they want to grow in, and there is a lot of training available for all levels,” explains Stacy. “That way, everyone feels like they're continually investing in themselves and growing with the company.”

And the support at Epsilon expands beyond career advancement, too. As Stacy puts it, “I feel supported by Epsilon, not only in advancing my career, but also in enjoying life outside of work.”

“During my time with Epsilon, I've gotten married, I've had a baby, I've trained for and completed four marathons, I've homeschooled during the pandemic, I've moved, and I've pursued my USA track and field coaching certification,” shares Stacy. “And through all of that, I have continued to grow in my career.”

Stacy shared that she has been empowered to find this balance through a variety of different avenues for support from Epsilon, including support from her managers, programs like flexible time off, a team-based mentality that empowers department leaders to decide what work style works best for their team, and even company-wide days off to unplug and rest.

Can you tell us about your time here at Epsilon?

“I started as a graphic designer and grew through multiple design-centric roles. Then, I moved into leadership roles, where I helped to shape and define the roles and responsibilities on the team, the expansion of the team, and the vision of the creative team. Today, we're a team of over 120 people across the world that supports the global Epsilon business.”

What inspires you most about the work you do?

IMG_6886“The opportunity to continue advancing the vision of Epsilon, which is to enable brands to speak relevantly to individuals.

What I find unique about that vision is that it has been the same since I interviewed with a company. People want connection — they want personalization from the brands they're engaging with on a regular basis. The creative is that tangible visual. You could even say that the creative is the emotional outcome of all of the data that goes into making that personalized moment for a person. And, since there's hundreds of millions of individuals, this means that we not only have to solve for that beautiful creative, but also at that scale.”

What are the best aspects of working at Epsilon?

“My favorite thing about Epsilon is the people. There are so many intelligent, curious, and driven people. Even during the hardest projects and toughest challenges, when you get in a room with the people at Epsilon, you feel inspired and you know that we're gonna figure it out…

My second favorite thing is that we're a tech company, and tech is constantly evolving, which means my job and our work is constantly evolving… We're constantly learning new things. I love that the work feels fresh and new on a regular basis.”

What would you tell others looking to start a career at Epsilon?

“Look at the opportunities that are available on the careers page. Then talk to a recruiter and get to know more about what's available for different programs and support within the company.

Also, ask to speak to a those currently within the role or department that you're looking at to get their perspective.”

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