Conversant announces Consumer Relationship Challenge

Conversant, the leader in personalized digital marketing, today announced its first-ever Consumer Relationship Challenge. Brands are invited to test Conversant for 30 days against any other vendor, promising more accurate, persistent cross-device recognition than anyone else. If Conversant doesn’t win the challenge, the brand’s next campaign with similar budget is on them.  

“The toughest marketing challenge today is accurately recognizing individual consumers and reaching them with continuity and compelling messages, over long periods of time, within the privacy framework. It takes more than connecting devices, cookies or browsers to each other—and we do it better than anyone,” said Ric Elert, President, Conversant.

To build ongoing consumer relationships, there are three requirements: accurate recognition of the consumer on an individual level; ability to reach and message them on all their devices; and persistence to stay connected with them over time. With verified 95% accuracy rates, Conversant bases consumer recognition on verifiably accurate, closed-loop reporting of actual purchases, made online and offline. Conversant matches devices to individuals and recognizes nearly all consumers as they move between their devices, channels and media formats over time. Clients achieve an average 10x incremental ROAS.

“There are a lot of claims flooding the marketplace, with many saying they can recognize consumers across devices. But they match only at the IP or household level, with abysmal accuracy rates. Our Consumer Relationship Challenge will show that we reach real, actual individuals with more persistency and accuracy than any competitor,” added Elert.

For more information about the Consumer Relationship Challenge, visit: The Consumer Relationship Challenge

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