Conversant announces results of Cross-Device Identification Persistency Study

Conversant®, a leader in personalized digital marketing, today announced the results of its cross-device identification persistency study. The study evaluates the company’s ability to maintain a connection with the same user over a 12-month period.

The single-pass validation study was based on internal analysis of persistent cookie observations across the six performance tiers determined in a 2016 cross-device matching accuracy study with comScore that measured the ability of Conversant’s deterministic, transaction-based approach to match the anonymous desktop cookies of consumers to their mobile devices. The recent study revealed that 80 percent of Conversant’s unique CoreIDs from its top-performing tier in the 2016 study, which yielded a 96 percent matching accuracy rate, were persistent over the 12-month period

“While reach and accuracy are the cornerstones of cross-device identification, being able to maintain those connections over time is critical given the dynamic nature of online data – persistency eliminates the ‘50 First Dates’ syndrome,” said Conversant President Ric Elert. 

The persistency study also showed identification methods reliant on cookies and device IDs experience significant decay over time, with a mere 15 percent survival rate after 12 months.

At the heart of Conversant’s ability to maintain a persistent connection with consumers is the company’s continually learning engine, the Conversant One-to-One Relationship Engine (Core). Through Core, anonymized first-party data is combined with third-party data and over 80 billion daily online interactions to develop a unique, privacy-protected CoreID for each consumer.

“Relying on just device IDs or cookies without connecting them to a real person leads to low match rates and less understanding of consumers over time, which is why being persistent is so important,” said Elert. “Our CoreID provides clients dynamic understanding of consumers so they can drive more personalized and efficient conversations with them over time.”


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