Conversant certified by Interactive Advertising Bureau's Quality Assurance Guidelines program

Company recognized as interactive advertising leader ensuring

robust brand safety and transparency in the digital supply chain


Conversant has been certified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau

(IAB), the world's leading trade organization for digital advertising,

under the Bureau's new Quality Assurance Guidelines Program 2.0 (QAG

2.0), which helps establish trust between buyers and sellers in a

complex and ever-changing digital advertising ecosystem.

The Quality Assurance Guidelines help brands and solutions providers

deliver more effective digital marketing programs by protecting and

enhancing brands. There are more than a million websites carrying

advertising. With so many choices, buyers in the digital ad space can

have difficulty discerning which sellers are trustworthy and sellers can

find it challenging to prove their integrity.

The QAG 2.0 program alleviates this tension by providing assurances to

buyers that ads placed through QAG 2.0 certified vendors will not appear

alongside inappropriate content. Establishing this certification helps

increase the flow of advertising budgets into digital advertising.

"We are proud to offer the robust brand safety processes, standards, and

safeguards necessary for IAB's QAG 2.0 certification," said
Bill Todd,

Executive Vice President at Conversant. "The brand reputations and

images of our clients are absolutely critical to us and we work to

ensure the highest media standards."

Conversant is among a select set of companies that have met or exceeded

the QAG 2.0 program guidelines of the IAB.

"These companies are proving themselves to be critical leaders when it

comes to brand safety and fighting copyright infringement," said

Zaneis, Executive Vice President and
General Counsel, IAB. "The more

interactive advertising businesses that are certified under the QAG 2.0

program, the closer the industry gets to establishing the kind of

high-quality, transparent and trustworthy marketplace that will drive

greater brand dollars to digital."

To earn this certification, Conversant has ensured its internal

practices follow the IAB guidelines and participated in a comprehensive

internal audit.

About Conversant, Inc.

Conversant, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNVR) is the leader in personalized digital

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