Conversant introduces personalized video; delivers individualized messages from brands to consumers based on rich and extensive profiles

Conversant, a leader in personalized digital marketing, today announced the latest addition to its suite of video solutions, Personalized Video. This new product combines Conversant’s persistent recognition of 150 million cross-device, anonymous consumer profiles with the richness of digital video. With Personalized Video, Conversant takes multiple video segments, overlays text and offers, and weaves them together into a personalized video message that helps brands achieve higher returns and offers a more relevant and satisfying experience for consumers on an individual level.

Personalized Video utilizes Conversant’s individualized profiles based on online and offline transactions and consumption of content across web and mobile apps. Marketers have the ability to show video advertising messages that are tailored to each consumer and matched to their brand objectives, such as elevating brand awareness and driving online and offline purchases. Using Conversant’s personalization platform, marketers can now measure and report the value of branding activities directly in terms of offline and online revenue impact, message effectiveness within a specific timeframe and the combined effect of video plus other formats like display, social and mobile ads.

“The introduction of Personalized Video will transform the video landscape for digital marketers. Video advertising rates are significantly higher than other forms of digital advertising, coupled with steep production costs associated with video. As a result, brands want to make those dollars as impactful as possible,” said Raju Malhotra, SVP, Products at Conversant. “By personalizing video messaging based on rich consumer profiles and automating at scale, marketers can now make a more meaningful impact. We are excited about the results from our early clients and look forward to a broader adoption by other brands to realize the value of Personalized Video.”

Conversant’s first brands for Personalized Video include a large automaker and two specialty retailers.

According to Malhotra, “Using Personalized Video, a fashion retailer can feature personalized product selections for holiday promotions. Since many consumers look alike based on their age, gender and geographic data, Conversant leverages our profiles to select the products that are most relevant for that individual. For example, two 19-year old male consumers in Boston may be considered ‘in market’ for cold-weather winter fashions based on their age, gender and location. But using profile data derived from SKU-level purchase information, we know that one of them prefers athletic-style clothing and the other favors more conservative items. Based on these insights, one receives an ad featuring sporty warmup gear, while the other sees button-down shirts and sweaters.”  

While most dynamic creative vendors rely on VPAID inventory, where the majority is flash-based and not available on mobile devices and on some key publishers, Personalized Video by Conversant can be delivered across all video inventory including VAST, VPAID and mobile.

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