Conversant launches Ad Quality Guarantee

Conversant®, a leader in personalized digital marketing, today announced the launch of its Ad Quality Guarantee, an exclusive offer for clients of the company’s Audiences, Cross-Device Remarketing and List Activation products. 

Under the offer, client campaigns are guaranteed to meet or beat the industry standards across all areas of ad quality—brand safety, viewability and ad fraud—as measured by Integral Ad Science (IAS). If they don’t, Conversant will provide clients with four times the missed impressions on their next campaign.

“Marketers are starting to realize that they need to focus on all three areas of ad quality simultaneously rather than one-by-one,” said Chad Peplinski, SVP of Media. “Poor ad quality, fueled by non-viewable ads, brand-safety violations and bot-driven traffic, not only has a major impact on their advertising results, but as we’ve seen, can cause long-term damage to their brand.”

The offer includes: 

  1. Brand safety. If any of an advertiser’s ads appear next to brand-unsafe content, they’ll get four times the impressions back for those ads.

  1. Viewability. If an advertiser’s campaign doesn’t beat the applicable IAS programmatic viewability benchmark, they’ll get four times the impressions back for the unviewable ads.

  1. Zero bots. If 1% or more of an advertiser’s ads are delivered to fraudulent traffic, they’ll get four times the impressions back for that traffic.  

“Our people and technology are the best in the industry, and we’ve been focusing on ad quality since day one,” said Peplinski. “It’s only appropriate to offer a comprehensive guarantee that covers all three areas.”

“We tripled our Traffic Quality team last year.  They are a hands-on team that is dedicated to our promise to reach the highest levels of ad quality. They personally visit publishers’ websites to review inventory, maintain block lists, monitor traffic and more, all to mitigate safety risks.  You cannot just plug in a third-party tool and hope for the best.  You need committed individuals equipped with the knowledge and tools to proactively protect marketer’s standards.”

Limitations and exclusions apply. Visit for the full terms and conditions. 


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