Conversant unveils findings of Consumer Cross-Device Matching Accuracy Study

Conversant®, a leader in personalized digital marketing, today announced the findings of its cross-device matching accuracy study with comScore. The study reviewed a portion of Conversant’s footprint of 160 million unique cookie IDs, and through a privacy-compliant process, found that comScore was able to directly validate a subset of these for cross-device matching. The data set was then segmented into six different performance tiers, the top four of which yielded matching accuracy rates ranging from 96 to 86 percent.

“The volume of our study with comScore is unparalleled and is one of the largest they’ve done with a client,” said Conversant President Ric Elert. “Previous studies conducted by others in the industry have included same-device matches, which likely inflated the reported accuracy,” said Elert. “These studies leave real questions surrounding validity and scalability. The size of the sample and the methodology of our study eliminate those concerns.”

The single-pass study measured the ability of Conversant’s deterministic, transaction-based approach—linking people and devices together through purchases—to match the anonymous desktop cookies of consumers to their mobile devices. Conversant provided comScore with 160 million unique cookie IDs—of which 1.5 million were ultimately used — on an anonymized basis, for the validation exercise.

Unlike multi-pass methodologies, which offer companies the opportunity to improve upon their reported accuracy rate through multiple match attempts, a single-pass study offers one opportunity to match a cookie to a device.

“Matching cookies with mobile devices is just a small fraction of the matching we do for our clients every day,” said Elert. “We match online and offline purchases, CRM data, location and more. But more importantly, we are able to leverage all of this data to build robust, anonymized profiles and help our clients to connect with real people.”

Conversant combines anonymized first-party data with third-party data and 80 billion daily online interactions to develop a persistent consumer ID. The approach offers highly accurate, long-term views of consumers as they move between their devices, channels and media formats.


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