Epsilon Partners with comScore to offer rich demographic data assets

Dallas, TX — February 18, 2014 —  Epsilon, the global leader in creating customer connections that build brand and business equity, today announced a partnership with comScore, Inc. that will allow comScore customers to measure the demographic characteristics of their campaigns with greater depth and scale.

In partnership with Epsilon, comScore validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) clients will benefit from Epsilon’s demographic data, which supplement and enhance the reporting of campaign audience delivery. By combining the analytic services of comScore with the scale and accuracy of Epsilon’s data, advertisers will be able to improve the measurement accuracy of their digital spend.

“Our partnership will provide comScore with access to Epsilon’s data to better serve their agency and publisher clients who rely on comScore solutions to measure the return on their digital investments. The combination of comScore’s expertise in measuring online activity coupled with the depth of Epsilon’s demographic data will generate more timely and precise insights for the comScore customer—resulting in better value for their digital investments,” said Eric Stein, Executive Vice President of Online Solutions.

“comScore is proud to partner with Epsilon. vCE’s goal has always been to deliver customers with the most accurate and reliable data for optimizing digital campaigns. By leveraging the power of Epsilon’s data, we can provide brands, agencies, and media companies with increased granularity in demographic reporting that improve their ability to reach desired audiences,” said Anne Hunter, comScore SVP of Global Marketing Strategy.

vCE is an ad delivery validation solution that provides deep campaign insights, in-flight reporting and daily alerting for convenient and effective campaign management. comScore clients are offered an unduplicated accounting of impressions delivered across a variety of dimensions, such as ads delivered in-view, in the right geography, in a brand safe environment and absent of non-human traffic. It also evaluates the degree to which validated impressions reached the campaign target audience.