Epsilon Brings People-Based Intelligence to Retail Media with Launch of Next-Generation Platform

Epsilon Retail Media First to Couple Artificial Intelligence with Person-First Identity in the Ad Server

Epsilon, a global advertising and marketing technology company, today announced the launch of the next generation of its retail media platform. Epsilon Retail Media applies artificial intelligence and person-first identity in the ad server, unlocking opportunities to drive stronger outcomes with shoppers on retailers’ properties, across the open web or in tandem. As a result, retailers and advertisers can exponentially grow their ability to drive sales while increasing brand loyalty.

“Epsilon enables Ahold Delhaize USA brands to offer a cutting-edge, differentiated platform to advertisers that allows them to better engage shoppers wherever they may be,” said Bobby Watts, SVP, Executive Lead AD Retail Media at Peapod Digital Labs. “The retail media landscape is getting more crowded by the day, and advertisers are demanding impactful solutions. Epsilon Retail Media helps us deliver just that, enabling advertisers to engage shoppers in ways not before possible, driving more sales while building brand loyalty.”

Epsilon brings the company’s unique capabilities in applying artificial intelligence against person-first identity to retailers looking to address advertisers’ desire to intelligently engage shoppers on retailers’ properties and across the open web. Epsilon’s CORE AI analyzes every potential shopper encountered, regardless of where they’re found, ensuring 100% of potential buyers are evaluated for engagement. The company’s CORE ID, the industry’s most accurate and privacy-centric consumer identifier, powers the recognition of a specific individual in any channel and feeds additional data on the shopper into the AI’s decisioning process. Armed with rich, person-level insights, 5,000+ decisions are evaluated in the milliseconds before a bid must be placed, drastically improving outcomes. The AI also learns from the result of each engagement, continually rewriting its models to further optimize outcomes across channels and time. This allows advertisers and retailers to go far beyond delivering the ‘right message to the right person at the right time.’ The AI also determines where to engage shoppers at any given time, decides how often to engage them in a channel or across channels, harmonizes engagement across channels, and optimizes the spend to acquire an impression based on the value of the shopper.

“Our person-first intelligence takes a dramatically different approach from traditional DSPs and retail media technology providers, who filter audiences based on where they are versus who they are, excluding a large portion of shoppers that advertisers want to reach out the gate,” said Dave Peterson, GM and Global Head of Epsilon Retail Media. “They then evaluate their ‘best guess’ of the shopper behind the impression, given their IDs are rooted in email addresses or other digital identifiers, not verified offline data. And when they do get around to evaluating the bid, they can only take a few variables into consideration before making a decision. Coupled with an inability to learn in real time, they materially limit the outcomes retailers can drive for advertisers.”

"Today’s announcement is another huge step in the evolution of our platform that started with the acquisition of CitrusAd in 2021,” said John Giuliani, Executive Chairman of Epsilon. “With the launch of Epsilon Retail Media, we are introducing next generation capabilities to our clients that have not previously existed in the medium. We look forward to continuing to innovate in this space - providing solutions that allow advertisers and retailers to drive sales in the moment while building the brand relationships they need to drive sales in the future.”